In Melbourne, images of illegal beach party divide

Dozens of people gathered on Sunday, November 15 on a beach in the suburbs of Melbourne to party, without masks. This rally, interrupted by the police, divides Australian opinion: if some criticize “Egoism” of the participants, others understand the desire to decompress of part of the youth, after a long confinement recently lifted.

“A shocking video shows a beach party illegal in Melbourne ”, is indignant Sky News Australia, while the information site presents the facts in a different light : “In the state of Victoria, revelers enjoying their well-deserved freedom were ordered to calm things down. ” On Sunday, November 15, just over a hundred people gathered to feast on Black Rock Beach, located on the outskirts of Melbourne in south-eastern Australia. On the images relayed by the Australian channel Sky News, the young participants can be seen dancing in swimsuits, without masks.

The police interrupted the festivities and dispersed the revelers, without making any arrests, specifies This event violated the ban – still in force – on gatherings of more than ten people. While part of the Australian public has criticized the revelers with virulence, denouncing their “selfishness” and requiring them to wear a mask, other Internet users, relates Sky News, believe that we must let go of the ballast and let the youth breathe after a second confinement “Trying”. Indeed, the city of Melbourne ended, on October 28, a three-month long confinement. Its five million inhabitants could not move more than 5 kilometers from their homes, and a curfew was imposed until the end of September.

Reacting to viral images of the festivities, Victoria Prime Minister Daniel Andrews recalled that it is not up to the people to proclaim the end of the pandemic, and called on young people to remain cautious until that a vaccine is available: “I know people want to get back to normal, but no one has the right or the qualifications to tell themselves – or tell their friends – ‘It’s over, because I want it to be’. It’s not over. ”

In Melbourne, there were no new cases of Covid-19 or new deaths “For the sixteenth consecutive day”, recalls this Monday, November 16 the site

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