In Minnesota, protests against the Enbridge pipeline

Several thousand Native Americans and environmental activists have gathered in northern Minnesota to protest the replacement of an aging pipeline. The project, led by the Canadian company Enbridge, is to transport crude oil from Canada.

The biggest rally of activists against the construction of a segment of the Enbridge pipeline took place earlier this week in northern Minnesota, reports the New York Times. Thousands of people were present, coming from all over the country to demonstrate.

“The project, which obtained the last necessary permits under the Trump presidency, consists of passing more than 500 kilometers of pipeline from an oil pipeline on a new route. ” When completed, it will transport the equivalent of 760,000 barrels of crude oil per day from Alberta, Canada, to the US state of Wisconsin, via Minnesota. Nine billion dollars have been invested in this project, which will replace an aging pipeline dating from the 1960s.

“During the weekend and until Monday, about 2000 people gathered to play drums and participate in prayer gatherings, and they inspected the various sites that dot the woods ”



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