In Montpellier, food delivery men accused of making too much noise

Thermal scooter meal deliverers are asked to come back to basics in Montpellier (Hérault): pedaling or pushing their machine in the pedestrian streets of the heart of the city. For five days, it has been raining fines of 135 euros on those who backfire in the L’Ecusson district, disturbing the tranquility of residents at the time of the curfew.

“The complaints have multiplied so we are trying to regulate the traffic of motor vehicles in pedestrian areas, argues Sébastien Cote, deputy mayor for security. We have absolutely nothing against these delivery men when they are on a bicycle or on silent electric propulsion and at low speed so as not to generate danger. “

A petition to blow their fines

Since last weekend, uberized delivery men have been on the alert on the Place de la Comédie, where restaurants that cook take-out are concentrated. To throw some oil on the stove, a retiree started a petition on to come to the rescue of these precarious neoproletary moped workers and demand the cancellation of the fines already issued.

While the appeal is progressing nicely (374 signatures at the last count) the town hall qualifies the initiative as totally irresponsible. During this time, on the pavement of the Escutcheon, we are witnessing a redistribution of cards in the fast delivery. Discreet, silent and non-polluting bicycle purists are back in the race. The thermal scooter Stakhanovists have become the pet peeve of passers-by, residents… and municipal police officers.

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