In New York, LGBT activists in solidarity with the “Black lives matter” movement

IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES – Hundreds of people have cycled the streets of Brooklyn to support the two causes.

By Le Figaro

Americans participate in the Queers and Queens Unite movement.
Americans participate in the Queers and Queens Unite movement. JOHN’S EISELE / AFP

Friday, June 26, many Americans participated in New York in the movement “Queers and Queens unite” by bike, in solidarity with the anti-racism movement “Black lives matter”. Two causes united for a joint Bushwick demonstration in Brooklyn.

Members of the LGBT community demonstrate in solidarity with the Black lives matter movement. Some people carry “fuck racism” signs. JOHN’S EISELE / AFP
In solidarity with the Black lives matter movement, LGBT activists marched through the streets of Brooklyn. JOHN’S EISELE / AFP

About 500 people gathered in Bushwick, at Maria Hernandez Park in Brooklyn, around 5:30 p.m. before starting their bike parade through the streets of Brooklyn.

The majority of participants marched by bicycle, but many others followed the demonstration by walking. JOHN’S EISELE / AFP
Safety updates were made at the start of the walk and most of the participants wore masks. JOHN’S EISELE / AFP

It was the fourth week of Black Lives Matter protests in New York. This took place the same weekend as the Pride March which had to be canceled due to COVID-19.

Many demonstrators participated on foot. JOHN’S EISELE / AFP
Two people wear a “Black lives matter” t-shirt against the background of the LGBT flag. JOHN’S EISELE / AFP

The route ended at Macarren Park in Williamsburg where a party was held.

While many Pride Marches have had to be canceled or postponed worldwide due to the new coronavirus pandemic, the LGBT community has nonetheless planned many online festivities on Saturday June 27 for Gay Pride 2020. A “Global Pride »Promises to bring the spirit of the event to life with a special party broadcast live on the internet for 24 hours. The organizers, who bring together officials from several pride markets around the world, hope to bring together several hundred million people at their computers.


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