In Paris, Anne Hidalgo explains with her environmental allies

Anne Hidalgo, during a climate conference, at Paris city hall, December 11, 2020.

Can the pink-red-green majority that has governed Paris since 2001 hold out for another six years? After three months of tension and rifts, the Parisian socialists and environmentalists had buried the hatchet in October 2020, and decided to organize regular meetings to avoid public friction.

But since then, new tensions have appeared, and the first meeting held “cold”, Tuesday, January 12, between Anne Hidalgo and the elected Greens, did not allow them to be appeased. On the contrary, the prospect of regional and presidential elections tends to exacerbate them, to the point that some elected officials fear a possible explosion of the majority.

“It was quite tense”, reports Fatoumata Koné, the president of the ecologists elected in Paris. “The dialogue was courteous and frank”, relates, more diplomatic, the socialist Emmanuel Grégoire, first deputy of Anne Hidalgo.

“Environmentalists have clearly been the target of attacks by the mayor and members of the majority”, notes Fatoumata Koné

The leader of the Greens began by recalling the turbulence experienced by the majority since the municipal election of June 2020. The appointment as deputy of Christophe Girard, who has jumped several elected environmentalists, because of his past relations with the pedophile writer Gabriel Matzneff, against whom the Paris prosecutor’s office had opened an investigation for “Rapes committed on a minor of 15 years” January 3, 2020. The passes of arms between Anne Hidalgo and environmentalists Alice Coffin and Raphaëlle Rémy-Leleu, the mayor judging that they were placed “Of themselves apart from the municipal majority” by demonstrating against one of his deputies. The resignation of Christophe Girard. Misunderstandings about a possible rue Samuel Paty, and statements by Anne Hidalgo claiming that environmentalists have a “Problem of relationship to the Republic”.

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“For six months, we have encountered a lot of difficulties, notes Fatoumata Koné. The wrongs may be shared. But environmentalists have clearly been the target of attacks from the mayor and members of the majority. Accuse us of being outside the republican field… We should rather unite and carry out the project for which we were elected. ”

No honorable fine

Contrary to the hopes of environmentalists, Anne Hidalgo did not make amends. No question of cuddling his allies by denying his convictions. About Samuel Paty, she stays “Shocked” that environmentalists have recalled the rule that street names should not be decided “Under the influence of emotion”. “I know why I do not join Europe Ecologie-Les Verts”, she slipped Tuesday. “I am a free woman”, she reaffirmed. She intends to keep her freedom of speech. And action.

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