In Paris, public hospitals will deprogram operations to deal with Covid

Life during a coronavirus epidemic never ceases to be measured in “thresholds” and other “levels”. After the shades of red presented by the Minister of Health on Wednesday 23 September in the evening, the direction of the Public Assistance-Hospitals of Paris (AP-HP) engages, it, the second level for the deprogramming of operations.

Postpone 20% of operations until later

Faced with the resurgence of the coronavirus epidemic, Parisian public hospitals will push back ” from this weekend “(September 26 and 27) elective surgery” case by case, or service by service ». « This deprogramming has nothing to do with the systematic and massive confinement ”, reassured Martin Hirsch, general manager of the AP-HP.

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But, François Crémieux, Deputy Director General, is already warning that if the situation does not improve on the Covid front, level 3 will be reached. It will then be ” almost half »Operations that will have to be deprogrammed and postponed. Except that due to the spring containment, ” some surgeons are still four months behind in their non-Covid activity », Deplores Rémi Salomon, from Necker hospital.

The number of patients in intensive care on the rise

At the moment, more than a quarter of intensive care beds are occupied by “Covid” patients. In intensive care, ” we had 50 people with the virus at 1is September; we went to 132 patients on September 23, details François Crémieux. By the end of the month, we should hit 200 admissions. »Across all of its establishments, the AP-HP has around 500 intensive care beds.

Even if treatment has improved considerably and the use of corticosteroids has reduced the number of times in intensive care, “The current level of circulation of the virus risks creating very quickly management difficulties », Recognizes Xavier Lescure, in the infectious and tropical diseases department (SMIT) of Bichat hospital. The new restrictions on bars, restaurants and other leisure facilities should put “ 15 to 20 days To show effects on the circulation of the virus, according to specialists.


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