In Paris, snowflakes, slogans and a coarse crackdown

Gérald Darmanin sees rave parties everywhere. Visibly traumatized by the Lieuron’s Eve (remember that one of the alleged organizers, a 22-year-old man is still in pre-trial detention), the Minister of the Interior congratulated himself on Twitter on Twitter on a fantasized feat of arms: the in extremis judgment of ‘a rave party in the heart of Paris, near the march of freedoms – and we think we are dreaming, as this political communication is crude.

For months, many collectives from the nightlife scene – the Union of LGBTQ + festive collectives, Technopol, Syndicate of free and committed cultural organizers (Socle) – have been mobilizing so that the Ministry of Culture finally deigns to look into the consequences. management of the health crisis on parties in general and electronic music in particular. A call to gather on the sidelines of the new mobilization against the so-called “global security” law was launched for this Saturday.

Iconic collectives of the Parisian party

At midday in the cold, all were happily busy perfecting their tanks. The sound systems of the free movement were starting to roar in the truck. As the first snowflakes fall, the demonstrators start to dance, bundled up in their parka. Next to it, the Camion Bazar, the Dynamiterie, Microclimat and other collectives emblematic of the Parisian festival hang Japanese umbrellas and balls of all colors on their van everywhere. The objective is to join the other demonstrators of the day “To militate against all the bills of liberticidal laws” and more particularly for the abandonment of article 25 which will allow police officers to enter bars, clubs and concert halls.

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On the stages conveyed alternate DJ sets (Moustik, b2b, Acid Arab, Sina XX, etc.) and speeches, to which the lawyer Raphaël Kempf will be invited to discuss the “villainous laws”, or Frédéric Hocquart, deputy of the Paris town hall in charge of tourism and nightlife. “From the beginning, we have been despised, we the acrobats of the bamboche, ironette Benedetta du Camion Bazar, whereas we are all artists, musicians, visual artists and we have dedicated our lives to that. We are well aware of the health crisis, we are thinking about health protocols, about the possibilities of open air in limited gauges when the weather permits, but we refuse to listen to us. ”

Avenue Daumesnil, this Saturday. Photo Cha Gonzalez for Liberation

Sheltered under a porch while the snow is already starting to turn into slippery slush, Diane, DJ and party organizer makes the same desperate observation: “We are already there to support the alleged organizers of the Lieuron rave party. Ten years in prison for making people dance at a party, it’s completely crazy … and also to remind people that our communities are discriminated against. I am a trans woman and LGBTQ + people just don’t have a place to hang out. ”

The prefecture “refuses that they play music during the parade”

Barely enough time to turn around when the avenue Daumesnil is dead. The demonstrators and their pretty sequined outfits, tiger disguises and colorful headgear are pushed towards Place Félix-Eboué. The prefecture authorizes them to join the demonstration but out of the question to take the sound systems. While a barrage of police pushes all these little people remained very calm towards the exit, Frédéric Hocquart, glued to a CRS shield, shares his indignation: “It had been several weeks since they had declared themselves to the authorities. But I got the police headquarters on the phone and they don’t want to hear anything. They amalgamate with the thugs or whatever, refuse that they play music during the parade. They are really trying to target them. ” Several vans and rented sound systems were picked up by the police, informs us the Base. Activists were also reportedly taken to the station. According to the prefecture, there were 24 arrests in total in Paris.

Paris, January 16, 2021 Mobilization against the global security law.In Paris, this Saturday. Photo Cha Gonzalez for Liberation

Most of the others end up blending in with the yellow vests and other activists in the parade. We see them dancing under bus shelters, wherever it is still possible to do so, to the sound of militant brass bands, stamping their feet to the rhythm of snare drums. “We are disappointed, this is a huge blow for freedom of expression. We refuse our way of demonstrating when there has always been music in manifestation, reminds Alexandre Carril of the Union des collectifs festifs LGBTQ +, but here what bothers the police headquarters is a “certain type of music” apparently, understanding techno. Maybe if our sound systems played classical music, he would have allowed us to scroll? Frankly, what is happening is extremely serious. We hope that this will raise general awareness. “ Some still kept a small speaker in their hands and young people at the end of the procession dance under the snow to the sound of bass. In the distance, blue rotating beacons do not stop flashing, strobes of a mobilization of the spoiled night world.

Annabelle Martella


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