In Poltava region, two eighth-graders cut their veins near the school: details of the state of emergency

In one of the villages of the Shishatsk community of the Mirgorodsky district of the Poltava region two 8th grade girls cut their veins… The police say that they have not yet discovered the girls’ connections with some “death groups” in social networks.

Acquaintances say that one of the victims had problems in the family, and the girls could have planned the suicide in advance (the names of the girls were not disclosed at the request of relatives).

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Cut my veins near the school

This story shocked a small village in the Poltava region. As a friend of the family of one of the injured schoolgirls said, in the morning of February 25, 14-year-old V. was cheerful and rejoiced at the warming outside.

“The girl lives with her mother and grandmother. Her father has long left the family. Mom works a lot, tries to somehow pull the family out. V. communicates more with her grandmother. In the morning she was cheerful, she also asked her grandmother for some money. the bus will not go, walk to school, the weather is fine. And ran away, “says a friend.

In Poltava region, two schoolgirls cut their veins

The second schoolgirl, I., comes from a family where the parents are also divorced. However, the father sometimes comes to them, then scandals occur in the house. “I. does not like it when her father comes to visit them. She leaves the house for her friend, and often she stays with them. The family of V. is very kind, the girls communicate, the friend was fed there, and was allowed to stay overnight,” says familiar.

The girls decided to cut the veins not far from the school, right on the street… However, when they saw the blood, they were frightened themselves. As they say in the village, at that time the guys were going to school, V. began to call for help. One of the boys tried to help them, called an ambulance, and the second ran after his father.

An adult man, when he came running and saw all this, pulled the laces out of his shoes and bandaged the girls’ hands. An ambulance has already arrived, the schoolgirls were taken to the hospital, stitched and bandaged. Now they are under the supervision of doctors and a psychologist..

Preparing for suicide in advance?

At school, they say that the girls have been friends for several years, since I. moved to the village in the fourth grade.

“But no one really wanted to be friends with this girl, and V. lived nearby, so they began to communicate with her. Although the school did not really approve of this friendship, somehow the girls did not really approach each other. However, V. is very kind, non-conflict, maybe she even felt sorry for that girl. Moreover, all of V.’s classmates live far from her, and the girl is very sociable, she wants to be friends with someone, “said one of the mothers whose child goes to this school.

Friendship of girls was disapproved at school

Now the schoolgirls do not admit why they decided to do this and what influenced them. The police took their phones for examination.

According to one version, they could have been influenced by a story about schoolgirls near Kiev who swallowed pills… Although the grandmother said that the television story about how the girls swallowed pills, they watched with their granddaughter. Then my grandmother told V. that they say, look what they have done, what a grief it is for the parents. V. waved her hands and said: “What are you, grandma! I don’t even think about that.”

Although there are another version that the girls decided to do this a week and a half or two ago… And the night before I. was visiting V. and imperceptibly from the grandmother stole a knife from the kitchen, took it to her home. By the way, it turned out that I.’s mother already noticed that something was wrong with the child… At least she said she checked her daughter’s pockets and school backpack. Knowing that my mother was checking everything, I. hid the knife on the veranda, “says a family friend.

One of the girls is very sorry

Now V. is very worried about what happened. She cries and asks for forgiveness from mom, says that she understood everything… “She keeps repeating that she was a fool, that she did this. She is very afraid to go back to school, she fears that she will be mocked. The family is also worried. Of course, my mother works to support her family, you can’t get away from this. Sometimes they quarreled with her grandmother, but it’s like in every family. The girl says that she was very worried about this. But I somehow doubt that it was a reason for suicide. She is very kind, and most likely fell under the influence, “- says the acquaintance.

The police urge to pay more attention to children

The police in the Poltava region say that they are now figuring out what actually happened. “So far, we have no evidence that girls could commit such an act under the influence of social networks.… But we are checking it out. Perhaps one of the schoolgirls had some circumstances in the family, and the second could go for it to support her friend… But the final conclusions will be made later, “- the speaker of the Poltava regional police Yuriy Sulaev commented on the incident.

Also, the police draw the attention of parents to the fact that they devote as much time as possible to their children, to be in touch with them. We tried to build trusting relationships with children, so that in case of problems, adolescents could seek advice and tell what was happening to them.

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