in Porsche, he collides with the police who try to arrest him in Bordeaux

The police van was hit by a driver in Porshe Cayenne. – Alternative police CFDT 33

During the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, around 1 a.m., an individual traveling in Porsche Cayenne and already identified for “refusals to comply”, specifies the Alternative police union CFDT 33, fled at the sight of
police officers. The driver entered the wrong way and at very high speed on the
boulevards from the Moga brothers to

The Porsche was also badly damaged by the impact. – Alternative police cfdt 33

Drunk and unlicensed

“To protect other motorists and stop the mad rush of this vehicle, our colleagues from the departmental intervention company decided to block traffic to avoid any frontal impact. Arriving at the police van, the driver deliberately decided to come and hit the police vehicle, ”explains the union in its press release. The two occupants of the car were arrested and taken into custody. The driver was alcoholic and was driving without driver’s license​.

The three policemen occupying the van were injured in the severe shock but their lives are not in danger. “For the Bordeaux police alternative, the criminal response must be as firm as the will to kill a person holding public authority,” the statement concluded.

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