In Portland, Biden’s victory divides anarchists, activists Black Lives Matter

In this Oregon city, which holds the record for the number of racial justice protests in the United States, the Democratic presidential candidate’s victory has created tensions between anarchists and black activists.

It has been months since Portland, the largest city in the state of Oregon, located on the west coast of the United States, has become an iconic place in the Black Lives Matter movement’s fight against police violence and for justice. racial. Especially “Thanks to the media attention paid to its ritual night demonstrations opposing anarchist militants and the police”, underline the Los Angeles Times.

But the victory of Joe Biden in the presidential election came to accuse the differences between anarchists on the one hand and activists of the Black Lives Matter movement on the other, underlines the Californian daily.

Changing the system from the inside

Black activists indeed consider “Donald Trump’s defeat as an opportunity to change the system from within. They believe that the anarchists, by continuing to commit degradation and violence, are harming the movement and its message in favor of racial justice. ”

For their part, the anarchists believe that trying to change the system from within “Is useless and the political order and the capitalist system must be overthrown”. For them, “Democrat Joe Biden, at the head of a party that supports economic liberalism and private property, is hardly better than Donald Trump”.

Condemning violence

Many activists of the Black Lives Matter movement and leaders of the black community, who participated all summer in the demonstrations which took place in the streets of the city, began to dissociate themselves from the protests which took place after the poll of the November 3. And they are more and more “Many believe that it is crucial to condemn violence and to dissociate oneself from anarchists”.

During a demonstration on November 8, just after Joe Biden’s victory speech, a procession of protesters even attacked the office of the Democratic Party in Multnomah County, a county that includes the city. from Portland.

For Rachelle Dixon, who is at the head of the Black Lives Matter movement in Portland and who activates on the local branch of the Democratic Party, it is the last straw that broke the camel’s back. The next day, she contacted the press to stress that the protesters in question had nothing to do with the racial justice movement..

And the activist underlines in the columns of the Californian daily:

In the public eye, anarchists merge with the Black Lives Matter movement, but they are 90% white and they do not collaborate with black associations and organizations. ”


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