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In mid-August, several publications at once, including “gambling addiction», reported about the upcoming reissue GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas – their release is expected in the fall.
However, almost everyone missed an important detail: the author Gematsu already then heard from their sources that the developers will not only update the graphics, but also make changes to the content to adapt the games to the modern audience.

Other media outlets noted that remasters or remakes “want to be made as close to the originals as possible.” The implication was that the content will remain the same – it will be the graphics that will be updated. It seems that this is still not the case.

We still don’t know when Rockstar will make an announcement of the collection. The release should take place in late October or early November on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android and PC. Versions for smartphones and computers may be delayed until early next year.

Games are recreated on the basis Unreal Engine – production is headed by a studio Rockstar Dundeewhich became part of Rockstar in the fall of 2020. Around that time, the creation of the collection began.

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