In Romania, neofascists enter parliament

Nicolae Ciuca is obviously the new foal of Romanian President Klaus Iohannis. The president appointed him interim head of government on December 7. At 53, he replaces Prime Minister Ludovic Orban who resigned after the electoral setback suffered by the President’s National Liberal Party (PNL) in the legislative elections of December 6.

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It was already at the will of Klaus Iohannis that the former chief of staff of the Romanian army had been propelled as defense minister in the first Orban government, formed after the presidential election, in November 2019. “It is an infantry general who has been in Afghanistan. He is well known to NATO, but has no political experience ”, points out the political scientist Cristian Pirvulescu. “Last September, he became a member of the PNL, it is very likely that he will be reinforced as head of government, as a good collaborator of the president who will apply his reform program”, considers the political scientist.

The Liberals’ Failure at the Ballot Box

To do this, the president must start consultations to form a coalition to govern. What he should be able to achieve in the days or weeks to come, despite his failure at the polls. The PNL won only 25% of the votes in the legislative elections – in which only 32% of the electorate participated – or 5% less than in the municipal elections of last September. Conversely, the Social Democratic Party (PSD, heir to the Communist Party) which had been shouted in the street after its return to power in 2017, has remained in its historic regional strongholds, winning 30% of the vote.

“But only the liberals will be able to form an alliance with the Union save Romania (USR 15%), also liberal, and with the party of the Magyar minority UDMR (6%), the PSD is isolated, it cannot not to negotiate with the far-right Alliance for the Unity of Romanians (Aur, 9%) ”, explains the political scientist.

Aur, a new conspiracy party

Created barely a year ago, Aur has created a surprise by making a sensational entry into Parliament, as the country’s 4th political force, and has seduced even within the diaspora. “We have an extreme right-wing tradition in Romania, Corneliu Vadim Tudor, our Jean-Marie Le Pen, from the party of greater Romania, who was a European deputy, arrived in the second round of the presidential election in 2000. But for the first together with Aur, we have a neofascist, conspiracy, nationalist, homophobic party ”, explains Cristian Pirvulescu.

According to him, the party flourished thanks to the occult networks of the Orthodox Church which did not support the restrictions imposed on worship, due to the coronavirus. “These networks mobilized against the president, of the Protestant German minority, and the outgoing head of government, Hungarian”, he adds. His presence in Parliament will provide him with a platform with the hope of gaining popularity until the elections of 2024. And the desire to thwart projects of constitutional reform to take his revenge, after the failure of the constitutional referendum to impose marriage like the union of a man and a woman.


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