In Rouen, the bicycle delivery service helps traders during containment

Ten years ago, Samuel de Gentil imagined Toutenvélo, a bicycle transport and moving service. Since then, perched on their electric bicycles and their trailers “logoed” with a panda, cyclo-logisticians from independent cooperative societies have crisscrossed the city centers of Rennes, Dijon, Marseille, Caen, Rouen and soon Le Havre.

In Rouen, the first confinement had resulted in a small drop in activity, “because we were not sufficiently equipped”, explains Arthur Desmitt, courier associated with the company since July 2020. Since then, “we have gone from 5 to 10 couriers at the Rouen depot, above all thanks to the demand from partner carriers DHL, UPS and Ciblex ”. Toutenvélo thus anticipated its 2021 projects.

Demand is growing

“From the end of September, we offered our courier service to traders and businesses. The aim is to help them in addition to click and collect, especially for businesses where it takes more than an hour to pick up the package, and this at a reasonable price. For food stores, florists, bookstores and even dental technicians, we can deliver goods from 0 to 300 kilos during the day. We have just started and demand is growing, ”adds Arthur Desmitt.

For Paul Billington, the manager of the English bookshop ABC Bookshop located in the heart of the small streets of Rouen, “it is really a service for us and our French or expatriate customers who need culture. For orders before 4 p.m., it is delivered during the day. I don’t have a website, but I can contact them by phone, text or email. The cost, I share it according to the volume. Normally, I will reopen on December 1st, but I will continue to offer this service ”.

The attractive principles remain the same: “reduce city traffic without pollution or noise, without the need for a parking space, and create permanent jobs,” explains Arthur Desmitt. Our values ​​show that we can make an ethical link between customers and traders ”.

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