world In search of Curuxa, the "ghost town"

In search of Curuxa, the “ghost town”


In Bolivia they also dominate “magical realism”, in the style of the writer García Márquez, inventing towns like Macondo. But without touching the art.

The interim president of Bolivia, Jeanine Áñez, reported an unusual corruption event involving the Movement to Socialism party (MORE), whose leader is Evo Morales -exiled in Argentina-. The senator Jorge Choque Salome He was accused of inventing a ghost town to collect $ 800,000 from Indigenous Fund In turn, they pointed out that there are former officials who are related in the alleged crime.

“In my capacity as director of the Indigenous Fund, I have all the documentation in this case in custody. Senator Choque invented a ghost town and had more than six million Bolivian pesos disbursed – almost a million dollars – in his private bank account. There is nothing of works for the communities ”, revealed Rafael Quispe, the agent of the government entity.

For its part Jeanine Áñez He expressed surprise at this case. “I am surprised by the rogue attitude of a MAS senator who has invented the name of a town to build ghost works with money from the Indigenous Fund. Who controls these resources? Who was that senator accountable to?

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Even more embarrassing is that the leader continues to occupy his position in Parliament even though other fraudulent movements had already been detected, for which he was ordered pretrial detention. “We have asked the judge to revoke the substitute measures,” Quispe said. Even his lawyer Luis Velasco warned with initiating a criminal process for crimes against the honor of the people who accuse the MAS senator of inventing a town.

In this way, the complainant said that he will request that the suspect be sent to the San Pedro prison. Also, he will urge that the investigation in this case be extended to the current candidate for the presidency by the MAS, the former Minister of Economy Luis Arce – in exile with Evo Morales -, and to the former minister of the presidency, Juan Ramón Quintana, for having endorsed irregular disbursements.

By September 2015, Salome Shock had already been sanctioned for receiving more than $ 400,000 from the Indigenous Fund in its account. That time, the money was for the execution of four forage production projects with certified seed in the municipalities of Sisa Sica, Calamarca, Colquencha and Collana. The Comptroller General determined that the projects were never launched. In the end the people will not appear nor the money …



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