In Seine-Maritime, the Norman Neon lit up during confinement

In March 2020, like a majority of young entrepreneurs, graphic designer and web designer Anthony Lottin saw his contracts drop. To pass the time, he makes LED neon lights for Audrey Lefèvre, his partner, a decoration enthusiast. The photos on Instagram are a hit and requests are pouring in. Neither one nor two, Anthony creates a commercial site. Since then, orders are daily and go all over the world “as recently to Reunion Island, Chicago, New Jersey, Lithuania and to other European countries.

With round LED strips, “I twist, I cut, I weld and I adjust on a transparent Plexiglas or with a mirror effect, details the contractor from Maromme (Seine-Maritime). With 18 colors available, you can make any logo, design or message. The advantage over glass models is that there is no gas, therefore less polluting. It is less fragile, it does not heat up and the lifespan is estimated at 60,000 hours. And, of course, it’s cheaper ”.

Names for the nursery

And customers are not mistaken. With a minimum delay of two to three weeks and a starting price of around 200 euros, individuals mainly order first names for children’s rooms or even creations from Caennais Paihem or Breton Clémence Gouy, the first two partner artists. .

Among professionals, it’s the rush: “They want logos and decoration. We recently supplied Pierre Hermé and l’Occitane to Paris. We have had orders for Mini Cooper, Center Parcs and Leroy Merlin. Many restaurants, bars and ready-to-wear shops contact us. I think that our strength is to be directly with customers, to make tailor-made products and to be reactive if there are any concerns about deliveries, for example, ”assures Anthony Lottin.

Soon Neon Corner

With a workshop in the matrimonial home and the parcels cluttering up the entrance, the couple already has many plans, such as finding a room: “We are also going to set up in the Corner Néon stores. Customers will place orders directly on a kiosk with a touch screen and an example model. We will certainly have to hire if demand explodes like last year during the end of year celebrations, ”predicts Anthony, however surprised at the enthusiasm that has taken hold in such a short time.

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