In Senegal, first confrontation between Adji Sarr and opponent Ousmane Sonko, accused of rape

Tuesday, December 6 at the Dakar courthouse, the main Senegalese opponent, Ousmane Sonko, was confronted by Adji Sarr, who accuses him of rape, lawyers from both sides told the press. After a seven-hour hearing that began around 11 a.m. before investigating judge Oumar Maham Diallo, each side accused the other of refusing to answer questions, according to their statements to the press.

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An important security device had been deployed throughout the city, especially around the court. The questioning of Ousmane Sonko, then his arrest in March 2021, had contributed to triggering several days of riots, looting and destruction which had left at least a dozen dead. Mr. Sonko, 48, declared candidate for the 2024 presidential election, was charged with rape and death threats and placed under judicial supervision in March 2021, after being targeted in February by the complaint of Adji Sarr, a employee of a beauty salon where he was going to get a massage.

“It was not a confrontation, it was a massacre”briefly commented Mr. Sonko on private television Dakaractu after the hearing, in front of his home in Dakar. “I was a little disappointed, I expected a confrontation”, most “He refused to speak” Adji Sarr told the press: “He did not respond to the dean of the judges, the lawyers and the prosecutor. I answered their questions. »

“The evidence will come out”

” This is [aux plaignants] to provide evidence for the rape charges. They gave no evidence. [Adji Sarr] exercised his right not to answer the lawyers’ questions. The dismissal is essential »told the press a lawyer for Mr. Sonko, Henri Gomis, after the hearing. “Ousmane Sonko refused to answer questions from the prosecution and lawyers. At the bar of the court, the evidence will come out”for his part indicated El Hadji Diouf, a lawyer for Adji Sarr, in reference to a possible trial.

Mr. Sonko denounces a “conspiracy” to torpedo his candidacy for the presidency of 2024. The camp of President Macky Sall refutes any instrumentalization of justice. Arrived third in the presidential election of 2019, the opponent holds a discourse that is both sovereignist, pan-Africanist and social, slaying the elites and corruption. He also pounded the economic and political influence exerted according to him by the former French colonial power and the multinationals. Macky Sall, elected in 2012 for seven years and re-elected in 2019 for five years, remains silent on his intentions to run again in 2024.

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