In Senegal, Marine Le Pen was received by President Macky Sall


According to Pointthe one-hour interview would have been held at the Dakar Palace, and would have focused on “the necessary cooperation” between the two countries.

While the French march against the pension reform, Marine Le Pen is working on her international stature. According to information from Point the double finalist forfeited from the presidential election was received, Wednesday, January 18, by the head of state of Senegal, Macky Sall, at the presidential palace in Dakar. A form of recognition in several respects for the patroness of the deputies of the National Rally. Firstly because the leader has fairly good relations with his counterpart Emmanuel Macron. Then because he is the current Secretary General of the African Union, an institution which represents 54 countries in total. Finally, because the very firm positions of the nationalist on immigration had rather made her up to now the representative of the “front of refusal” in the eyes of North Africa as well as black Africa.

«He is a charming man. We had an interesting and warm conversation“, Said Marine Le Pen to the weekly, after her interview. The meeting would have lasted an hour and focused according to her on “the necessary cooperation between Senegal and France, the Francophonie as well as all of Senegal’s development prospects». Ce, «in terms of energy as well as in terms of food sovereignty“, she explains, while this was her first trip abroad since his failure in the second round of the last presidential election. «It is very important not to lose touch with Africa. I wanted to start by going to Senegal which is a pivotal country on the continent“, she justifies.

As for his adviser, Nicolas Lesage, he notes that “moving when there is no immediate interest makes things easier». «It’s better to maintain a long-term relationship like this one that doesn’t appear to be directly interested.“, he continues. Without however ignoring the difficulties that Macky Sall is currently experiencing, who maintains doubts about a possible third candidacy… Despite his solemn commitment not to serve more than two consecutive presidential terms.

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