“In severe cases, an antidote had to be given.” During the week, five people in Latvia were bitten by mosquitoes – Society and Politics – News

The consequences of a bite bite are unpredictable. For example, a man admitted to the Toxicology and Sepsis Clinic this week recovered after a few days. However, for some other people, treatment may take several weeks. Rare, but can be fatal.

“In more severe cases, it requires the administration of an anti-snake serum, the provision of various vital functions, such as artificial ventilation of the lungs, kidney replacement therapy, and surgical intervention may be necessary,” says Toxicology and Sepsis Clinic-Toxicologist Roberts Stašinskis.

After the bite of the viper and the penetration of the poison into the blood, a person may experience severe malaise, vomiting and fever. Emergency medical attention must be called urgently and compulsorily. Until the arrival of doctors, do not do activities on your own.

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“You should try to keep this bitten place alone, not moving, not jerking or rubbing, because all this can promote the spread of poison. Never cut or suck anything. Do not put a bandage, because improper application can result in amputation of body parts,” warns Stašinskis.

Alcohol should also not be used as it dilates blood vessels and the poison can spread more quickly throughout the body. Meanwhile, he explains at the Riga Zoo – the number of mosquitoes in Latvia has not become more than it might seem according to the number of bitten people.

Maris Lielkalns, a specialist at the Riga National Zoo, says: “Rather, it is due to the fact that people walk more somewhere in places where mosquitoes also live more. As the temperature rises, the activity of snakes is higher.”

However, people themselves tend to create favorable conditions for snakes in their backyard areas, and mosquitoes choose to live close to humans.

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“For example, stone piles, old walls made of barns or sheds. These are places for mosquitoes. Snakes also like uncut grass, shrubs. Compost piles, leaf piles should be placed further away from the house, the lawn should be cut. All the cracks in the house should be closed. feels safe, “explains Lielkalns.

If the snake’s nest is to be removed, the caught reptiles must be transported several kilometers from the house, otherwise they will return. It must be remembered that the snake must not be taken by the tail, it will bite a person.

Video: “TV3 News” story


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