In shorts and tied T-shirt, Barby Silenzi posed with a mate “rollinga”

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November 15, 2020 0:40

Barby Silenzi shared a photo on her Instagram account with a super comfortable look and a custom matte with the iconic Rolling Stones tongue.

Barby Silenzi accompanied El Polaco in one of the “MasterChef” programs. (Photo: Instagram @barby_silenzi)

Barby Silenzi She is very active on social networks showing her life to her fans through the platforms. On Instagram, the dancer has more than 2.6 million followers, being very popular there.

The number of followers she has makes her an influencer and many companies seek her to advertise their products on her personal account. Such was this case, that together with an aesthetic center they carried out the raffle for a personalized mate with the emblematic language of The Rolling Stones.

In colaless and pure cumbia, Barby Silenzi took care of the asado

For the photograph you shared, The dancer posed with a super comfortable outfit with black jean shorts and a T-shirt tied at the height of the abdomen, completing the look with a bun in the hair.

In shorts and a tied T-shirt, Barby Silenzi posed with a “rolling” mate. (Photo: Instagram @barby_silenzi)

All this occurs after both Barby as El Polaco recovered from the coronavirus, which is why the singer had to be absent during several broadcasts of MasterChef, being replaced by Natalie Pérez.

The Pole overcame the coronavirus and threw a party without distancing to celebrate it

Barby’s claim to El Polaco

The couple became one of the most beloved in the entertainment world, but she demanded an attitude from the singer through social networks.

While they were having lunch outdoors, the dancer filmed and said: “Are you going to put down the phone or what?”, And laughing, he answers yes. However, Barby insisted, “All f … day on the phone, all f … day.”

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