In Spain, anger roars over the curfew

After the vote and the entry into force of the new state of emergency at the end of October, demonstrations from all sides have multiplied, disorderly and sometimes violent. Newspaper story The confidential.

Dumpsters on fire. Charges against the police. Extreme violence. These scenes swept Spain from north to south after the proclamation, at the end of October, of a new state of health emergency which imposed a nighttime curfew.

According to sociologists, epidemiologists and social science researchers, if civic-mindedness still remains generally in the country, the more the economic situation deteriorates and the social divide widens, the more isolated groups will appear, ready to cross the boundaries. despair.

On October 27 – the day after the application of the new state of emergency – in Seville, in the old working-class district of the city Pino Montano, endowed with a strong associative network, the peaceful demonstrations organized to defend small traders took place. ended with clashes and burned dumpsters. The next day, the main associations of the district affirmed that they were not at the origin of this outburst of violence.

Protests over travel restrictions in several cities escalated tension during the first weekend after the state of emergency – from Thursday October 29 to Sunday November 1. Burgos, Bilbao, Barcelona (around twenty injured on Friday 30) Madrid, Valencia, etc.

Demonstrated citizenship

Regarding Barcelona, ​​Catalan MP from the far-right Vox party, Ignacio Garriga, said the perpetrators of the unrest were not “Deniers”, more “Unemployed, parents who no longer receive a salary and can no longer feed their children, self-employed workers


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