In Spain, the ax falls against the Franco dictatorship

The Spanish socialist government has decided to settle all historical accounts with the civil war and the Franco dictatorship. The press on the left salutes the initiative, that on the right grinds its teeth.

A democratic memory bill was adopted on Tuesday, September 15 by the Council of Ministers. It aims to put an end to what remains in Spain of nostalgia and symbols of the period of the Franco dictatorship. That is to say forty years of history between the beginning of the civil war (known as the war in Spain) in 1936 and the death of the dictator after a long agony, in 1975.

Mass graves

This was a promise made by socialist Pedro Sánchez when he came to power in June 2018 after long years of right-wing government.

Among the many measures foreseen in the bill is the creation of a special chamber of the Supreme Court to investigate the tens of thousands of “disappeared” in mass graves – and whose families are demanding what may remain of the ” body”.

In addition, the teaching of Franco’s repression should be reinforced in secondary education. And all the “political” verdicts of the Franco courts will be


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