In Spain, the trial of the “Bárcenas papers” shakes the right

The eagerly awaited trial of the “Bárcenas papers” began on Monday February 8 in Madrid. The court is due to study personal diaries of Luis Bárcenas, former treasurer of the Popular Party (right), in connection with an alleged corruption case that involves former party leaders.

A long-awaited trial opened on Monday February 8 in Madrid. The former treasurer of the People’s Party (PP, right), Luis Bárcenas, appeared before the National Hearing (Spain’s highest criminal body) for the new part of a gigantic case of alleged corruption which shakes up the main formation right-wing politics in Spain.

For nearly four months, the judges will determine or not the existence of“A modus operandi repeated for at least twenty years, which consisted for a governing party to let in and out of cash for various purposes, and of course behind the tax authorities”, summarizes the conservative daily ABC.

For this, justice will go through the personal notebooks of Luis Bárcenas since at least the year 1990, when the treasurer began to officiate for the PP. A position he held for nearly twenty years. Four other defendants will accompany him to the bar, including the former director of the PP’s financial service, Cristóbal Páez.

Larger political-financial scandal

According to investigators, entrepreneurs have illegally financed the PP in exchange for favors during various tenders. Several leaders of the Spanish right would have thus touched envelopes which passed through the so-called “Box B” party,


Valentin Scholz

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