In SteelRising, the Spiders studio offers us a French Revolution with robots

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At its annual conference, publisher Nacon presented its next projects, including the promising SteelRising ; developed by Spiders, to whom we owe the excellent GreedFall, this game will make us embody Aegis, robotic bodyguard of Queen Marie-Antoinette. We will have to find our creator in order to stop Louis XVI’s robot army, who slaughters just about everyone.

Secondary quests will allow improve weaponry of Aegis which notably includes melee weapons, “alchemical rifles”And heavy weapons directly integrated into his body. Jehanne Roussea, the studio’s co-founder, explained: “It’s a world that we’ve tried to make as deep and varied as possible“. The possibilities seem indeed numerous, and we are quite curious to see what it will give.

SteelRising unfortunately did no release date, but we hope to see gameplay before the end of the year.


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