In Syria, the irresistible rise of Asma El-Assad, wife of the president

A campaign to display giant portraits of President Assad’s wife in Syria would prepare public opinion for her accession to power, according to the Lebanese site Asasmedia. The objective: to get the country out of the impasse after ten years of war.

The proliferation, in recent times, of photos of Asma El-Assad, hanging on buildings and everywhere in the streets, while she does not occupy any official position, means that something is brewing. It seems increasingly clear that there is a will to anchor this image in the minds of Syrians. I am convinced that behind the scenes of power the idea is circulating to make Asma the new president of the country. And it is perhaps her husband, Bashar El-Assad, himself who had this idea. He certainly knows that it will be impossible for him to remain at the head of the regime, while the living conditions of the Syrians continue to deteriorate, to such an extent that we are not far from famine. As long as it is in power, Syria will continue to be under sanctions, and no one will agree to invest even a dollar in reconstruction.

Its own grassroots base is starting to be affected by the shortage. Even in the coastal region [de Lattaquié, où vivent les Alaouites, sa communauté], who paid a high price to save his regime, we can no longer hear alternately the whistling of bullets and the rumble of empty bellies.



Maher Sharafeddine

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Lebanese site born in the wake of the popular revolt of 2019, of moderate pan-Arab tendency, Asasmedia devotes many articles to the city of Beirut and the Sunni community. Its director, Ziad Itani, was in 2018 unfairly


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