In Thailand, inflatable yellow ducks, incongruous heroes of the demonstrators

During protests on November 17 and 18 in Thailand, inflatable ducks were waved in parades. A sign of the inventiveness of the Thai youth movement, which does not weaken and continues to demand constitutional reforms in the face of an inflexible regime.

“The democratic protest movement is not short of unexpected symbols, since Harry Potter and Hunger Games. On November 17th, inflatable ducks joined this pantheon ”, written Thai Enquirer.

That day’s demonstration in front of Parliament was marked by the most violent clashes between police and protesters, with at least 40 injured since the movement began last summer, according to the police. BBC.

Pro-democracy demonstrators were repelled by at least five batteries of tear gas and water jets before facing the counter-demonstrators, favorable to the monarchy.

Hailed like heroes

In the middle of this melee appeared an incongruous hero, the rubber duck, the newspaper tells. Huge, yellow and bouncy, these rubber ducks have been pushed to the front line taking full account of the brutality of the water cannons


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