In the absence of an agreement at the Guéret City Council, the relay station will be located on private land

A heated debate during the City Council of Guéret, this Monday, September 27. With at the center of the discussions: the 4G / 5G relay antenna which must be established between the equestrian center and the Agricultural Hall in the Pommeil district.

The project was already to be voted on last May, but opposition critics had pushed the mayor to postpone the vote. The TDF company, which initially left the choice of land to the town hall, no longer wants to wait. City Council was to decide on Monday whether or not it would lease municipal land to TDF to build its relay antenna. In the event of a negative answer, it would buy the neighboring land to install it anyway.

Elected members of the majority and the opposition did not reach an agreement. Then, deprived of municipal land, the company will set up its 30-meter pylon on its own land.

For Guillaume Viennois, elected by the majority, it is a failure: “In all cases, the pylon will be installed. But now, it will be on private land, without any control and without the possibility of limiting the aesthetic impact. That is, the height or its appearance. _Residents will have to deal with an operator and a private owner._. I say this with a lot of concern because I don’t know under what conditions they will be able to oppose“. He assures us that the municipality will provide support to the inhabitants.

Same observation on the side of the opposition, because if the town hall is no longer part of the project “whether the pylon is on one side of the road or the other, it’s the same fight“reacts Delphine Bonnin,”for us the antenna is not necessary. Now, we will have to find solutions to avoid its installation on private land.“.

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