in the American West, an ideological duel between Trump and Biden

The west coast of the United States, often overlooked during American presidential campaigns, is at the center of the debates this year, emphasizes Politico. Democrats and Republicans are struggling on themes such as the climate or public safety.

The West Coast of the United States is so won over by Democrats that in most presidential elections, candidates don’t care “Only to collect funds”, observe Politico.

But this year it’s different. With the fires that ravaged the West, the gunfire that targeted two police officers in Los Angeles on Saturday, September 12, and Trump’s high-profile attacks on “Anarchist jurisdictions” from Seattle and Portland, the west coast has become “The ideological center of the countryside”, says the American site. Climate change, racial justice and public safety: America’s biggest issues are inescapable.

According to Antonio Villaraigosa, former Democratic mayor of Los Angeles quoted by Politico, the Democratic Party uses fires “To show that[il est]



Believing that the press tended more and more to neglect political news, two important signatures of the Washington Post, John F. Harris and Jim VandeHei, left their newspaper to found this online daily, one of which


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