In the city center, 1,500 people fighting for health care, “we don’t feel heard”

The police gave their estimate: 1,500 people were present this afternoon to demand more resources. “Human in care“, can we read on the banners attached to the stage where the speeches take place.”My health secret, public services refinanced“, can we read on another banner.

“We are in a system where we have the impression that we have become robots to do care“, explains Mounia, present this Saturday.”We are subject to profitability guidelines. We must do more, faster. “

The staff are exhausted. A malaise that dates from long before the Covid crisis. “We can not take more than one title: physically, and this, already before the covid crisis which only highlighted situations already present before “, explains one of the demonstrators.

For these staff, no lessons have been learned from the pandemic. “We don’t feel heard, there is really an exhaustion “, says a woman on the spot.

This gathering took place all over Europe to denounce a general degradation of health care.

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