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In the country – Knit Omicron scales! ‘Doctor Yong’ pointed to hide and spread to many localities for a long time. Exposure instead of Delta

Sunday, December 5, 2021, 8:00 a.m.

Knock the Omicron scales! ‘Mor Yong’ pointed out that it had been hiding in many areas for a long time. Exposure instead of Delta

December 5, 2021 Prof. Dr. Yong Phuworawan, Head of the Center specializing in Clinical Virology Department of Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Post a message on Facebook with the topic “Covid-19 species Omicron” with the following content…

COVID-19, Omicron strain

Yong Phuworawan 5 December 2021

since the beginning of meeting and omikron strain was diagnosed on November 24 in patients with symptoms onset since November 9. The World Health Organization It was declared a watchful breed on November 26th.

This Omikron truth have hid and spread to many areas because there is no breed test It is not uncommon for all patients, at present, it is found in more than 20 countries and begins to occur in people who have never traveled to southern Africa (local transmission), such as in Norway. There has been an outbreak in the country, America itself has a lot of strain testing. was found in the population who have never traveled abroad indicates an outbreak in the area.

breeding test Can’t check every individual, every place because there are limitations. If you check less, you won’t find it.

Omikron is found even in patients who have completed two doses of vaccination. From the report until now Most of the patients had mild symptoms. But the amount of virus in the throat is large, such as patients in Hong Kong. have a relatively high viral load and have been vaccinated before and can be contacted to the opposite room

This kind of incident also happened in Thailand. In the first phase of the Delta species, where two individuals were quarantined in a hotel. on the same floor And there is no evidence to conclusively confirm that this disease. contact via air that floats back and forth touch of appliances Sometimes it’s hard to tell. There may be a middleman Touch is the medium. Skip back and forth.

Omicron is highly invasive, easily spread, so it can be found quickly and spread across many continents. Symptoms of this species will be more severe than the original Delta species if the spread is faster This species will replace the Delta species. In the next few months

from information to present including those with outbreaks outside southern Africa It can be seen that half of the patients have no symptoms. and about half had mild symptoms. There are still no patients with many symptoms. to be hospitalized or died

vaccination for immunity Then this species is spreading with few symptoms, mild disease, no need to go to the hospital. or died and will stimulate immunity to be taller and live longer It will follow the evolution of the virus. To adjust to reduce the severity of the disease like the corona virus that causes respiratory disease in children. found today It does not cause problems for adults and the elderly at all.



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