In the east, wages are rising despite the lockdown

The slightly positive development in the east does not change the fact that the fat years are over for the time being in terms of income development in Germany. After six years of rising wages, 2020 brought employees a drop in income of around one percent compared to the previous year. Closed shops, canceled trips and a decline in orders at companies have resulted in employees receiving less money per month across Germany. However, the statistics do not include the short-time work allowance, which was able to cushion the decline in wages for many.

This means that Germany is still doing comparatively well across Europe. On average, the EU member states recorded a decrease of 1.8 percent. The worst performers are Lithuania (minus nine percent) and Italy (minus six percent). Other countries such as Malta (plus 2.6 percent) and Bulgaria (plus 2.3 percent), on the other hand, were able to increase their wages in 2020 as well.

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