In the end, Milito does not travel to Tucumán

The plane will depart without an occupant. Contrary to what was planned until Wednesday afternoon, Diego Milito will not travel to Tucumán for the match that Racing will play against the Dean. Finally, the club’s manager will remain in Buenos Aires, near the squad that stayed in the city. In this way, those who will board the private flight to that province are Víctor Blanco (president), Miguel Gomis (general coordinator of the Inferiores), Sebastián Beccacece and Nicolás Diez. After practice, the coach and his assistant will join Guillermo Marino (the other assistant) and Martín Bressán (Profe), who on Wednesday traveled with the 23 footballers mentioned.

After a week of great tension due to the inmates that came to light between the technical secretary and some leaders, there were two gestures of support the former striker. First, Blanco resolved that Adrián Fernández, a manager with whom Milito is very much at odds, will not travel with the delegation that arrived in Tucumán this Wednesday awaiting the meeting. In principle, Patricio Rotman was going to replace him, but the man in charge of the infrastructure area could not go for personal reasons either.

A meeting between Blanco and Milito is expected to try to calm everything down.

The other nod from the club’s owner to Milito was to get on the plane to Gomis, a person of his absolute confidence, whom he chose as the general coordinator of amateur football when he assumed command of the technical secretariat three years ago. Precisely because of that appointment, Milito’s enmity with Fernández deepened – they no longer got along well before – the current president of the Inferiores area.

Why did the temperature get so hot with Milito in Racing?

The high tension climate had broken out on Sunday. It is that that day, Blanco went to training accompanied by Fernández, which the Prince took as a gesture of lack of support for him. From the environment of the former attacker they assure that there were already several acts that were wearing him down and that the manager has in mind to step aside in December. After the storm, there were leaders who met with him to convince him to continue. Among others, Christian Devia (general secretary) and Alfredo Chiodini (vice 2). The club believes that Milito awaits a face-to-face meeting with Blanco, after bothering him with some of the club’s boss.

What will happen in December? Many believe that Milito will ask, in exchange for remaining in office, that Fernández stop occupying positions on the board of directors related to soccer, either the amateur or the Primera.

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