In the event of the dissolution of the National Assembly, Yannick Jadot wants a “rebalanced” left-wing coalition in favor of ecology

The Europe Écologie-Les Verts candidate for the presidential election also announced the launch of his political club Maison Commune.

En cas de dissolution, «we should rebuild a coalition” from the left “with a substantial rebalancing in favor of ecology“Said the former presidential candidate Yannick Jadot in an interview with the JDD.

Asked whether the rebellious leader Jean-Luc Melenchon should in the event of dissolution be again the candidate of the Nupes for the post of Prime Minister, Yannick Jadot believes that “excessive personalization would not help win over a wider electorate». «If there were to be dissolution, it would be necessary to rebuild a coalition with a substantial rebalancing in favor of ecology, whether at the programmatic level or in the allocation of constituencies.“, he specifies. But the MEPdon’t believe in dissolution“, and “yoyo waved by Emmanuel Macronto discipline its majority and the Republicans».

Launch of the Maison Commune movement

Yannick Jadot also announces that he is launching a movement called Maison Commune on Tuesday, November 29, which will be a political club, to “get out of Twitter politics, which destroys democracy by reducing it to slogans and invective, division and hatred». «Let it be clear: we are not creating a party“, assures the MEP. “My party remains EELV».

«But our societies are so destabilized, insecure by the present, paralyzed by the future, that they are ready to jump into the void with the extreme right. To avoid this, we must restore positive perspectives to reconcile ourselves with the future.“, he continues. He specifies that once a month,people from different backgrounds“will dialogue”to lead the debates that sometimes have difficulty in taking place in political parties».

The first debate will take place this Tuesday “on civil disobedience, in a dematerialized way», on, with José Bové, Brigitte Gothière, director of L214, Élodie Nace, spokesperson for Alternatiba, a member of Dernier Rénovation and researcher Sylvie Ollitrault. On December 15, a second debate will take place, on the meaning of work.

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