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Фото: Petr David Josek / AP

Фото: Petr David Josek / AP

With the demolition of the monument to Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev in Prague, “some Czech municipal leaders” decided to draw attention to themselves. This opinion was expressed by RBC Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs Andrei Klimov. He emphasized that Russian memorials should be protected by the state in whose territory they are located.

“Never on this subject have we received official objections. And when Russophobia escalated against the backdrop of a pandemic, devilry with the demolition of Columbus’s statues in the United States added to this. And, apparently, the subtle souls of some Czech municipal leaders could not stand it and decided to draw attention to themselves, ”Klimov said.

Speaking about the Russian response to the demolition of the monument to Konev, he noted that Russia would find “a way to make life put everything in its place.”

In June, the head of the Prague-6 district, Ondřej Kolář, announced that the city authorities had proposed moving the monument to Marshal on the territory of the Russian embassy. However, Moscow, he said, refused. Kolarge said that if Russia “did not start what it began,” the monument would be in place. Klimov noted that the Russian diplomatic mission in Prague “is not able to hide everything that reminds us of the presence of our troops, which once liberated Prague.”

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