in the hell of the QR Code

As 9.2 million people have downloaded the TousAntiCovid contact tracing application, new concerns are looming on the horizon. This application should make it possible to automatically warn its users if they have been in contact with a person diagnosed positive for Covid-19. For this, the person diagnosed must declare themselves positive in the application, by flashing a QR Code which appears on the laboratory diagnosis. This is where things get complicated: the QR Code is not always provided.

The mishap happened to a journalist from Le Figaro. On social networks, many Internet users are upset that they too have encountered difficulties in registering, or even not having succeeded in registering at all. “In my case, the pharmacy could not give me the code because it needs software that has not been installed, and will be installed next week. Too late, therefore, as far as I’m concerned», Relates our journalist. It takes more to discourage him. It is addressed to the Covid health insurance hotline which is not able to generate a code, in particular for reasons related to data protection!

«By calling his doctor, he should have obtained an encrypted code to enter in the application», Explains a connoisseur of the file. An approach not to be forgotten. Others, having succeeded in declaring themselves on the application, are moved to no longer have access to it. In this case, it must be uninstalled and restarted.

48,000 declarations … only

Admittedly, since the launch of the application, 48,497 people have declared themselves positive for Covid-19. Which shows at the same time that it is possible … but all things considered, it is very little! The technology works pretty well, the blockages are administrative, with several schools opposing each other. The followers of the digital solution are not in line with the promoters of the tracing by the health brigades. Similarly, within the health insurance, the Ministry of Health or even the national health agency, not all are in favor of this tracking application and are dragging their feet to ensure its promotion and implementation. implemented. Despite pressure from the Élysée, which would like to be able to rely more on a valuable digital tool for monitoring the evolution of the pandemic.

However, it should be noted that the application works very well to generate derogatory exit certificates, which partly explains its success.

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