In the intimacy of couple therapy

There are those who seek to end an intolerable marital routine. Those who no longer agree on the form that love must take on a daily basis. Those who have stopped loving each other but are fighting to provide a decent future for their children.

For several months, Delphine Saltel interfered in the intimacy of couple therapy. At the heart of this office – in a psychiatric hospital in the south of France – people in distress give themselves up to a psychiatrist and a psychologist to check if love can still survive the life of two .

In the intimacy of this encounter, each time deeper ailments arise. When one explains, the other responds. And vice versa. Often the dialogue is sterile and the conflict seems insurmountable. But sometimes it only takes a word, a memory or a confidence to create hope.

Proxy therapy

Delphine Saltel transforms these embarrassing conversations into salutary encounters. The director does not hesitate to vibrate her own sensitivity to tell the listener how to feed on the benefits of the therapy he is experiencing by proxy. Each episode – about thirty minutes – is a slow progression towards the heart of the conflict. In some people, mismanagement of garbage cans can hide a heavy mental load and even some emotional frustrations. For others, it is a simple document, the child’s report card, which reveals the flaws in the union.

→ INVESTIGATION. Resuming dialogue when the couple is in crisis

The couple’s speech is regularly, but naturally, interrupted by informed analysis by doctors. In front of them, Christine and Thierry who are just starting their therapy, but also the Marginier couple who have been following one for over a year… The narrator, she understands the process with us until the epilogue, may he be happy or unhappy.


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