In the land of the Taliban, the endless nightmare of the Afghans

BIG REPORT – The new masters of the country are facing a serious economic crisis, a humanitarian disaster, as well as violence from the Islamic State group.

Special envoy to Termez, Kabul, Nangarhar and Kunar

Termez is an immense wash of earth and dust. The ocher, mixed for a time with the orange vault, will soon fade. The thickets that bristle the moor turn into shaggy specters. The sun is hiding visibly. At the border post overlooking Afghanistan, a few Uzbek soldiers are smoking sitting on wobbly chairs, to the background of electronic music. “Nobody passes», Launches one of them, wrapped in a uniform too tight. The order to close the border has just been given. The cause? “We do not know. ” Nothing will do: impossible to cross. One of the few access routes to Afghanistan since commercial flights were halted in mid-August as the Taliban took over the country, has just been locked.

On the other side of the Friendship Bridge which crosses the Amou-Darya River to link the two countries, a Taliban commander agrees to give some explanations. “Anonymous, otherwise, for me, it’s death

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