“In the last two years I have worked two weeks”

The 49-year-old cheerleader, Eva Gomezrevealed the hard job crisis going through: You have only been able to work two weeks in the last two years.

This was stated by the journalist in We can talk of CHV in the chapter that will be issued this Friday June 11, where she is one of the guests.

According to slogan The fourth, the driver of the Eva’s Diary he pointed: “I left before the pandemic with unemployment, this situation only lengthens it ”.

“I don’t remember having been standing, never, never… in the last two years I have worked two weeks. It was on the neighboring channel on a stellar program (Dancing for a Dream by Canal 13) and that they cut it precisely because of the pandemic ”, he explained.

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Eva Gómez also suffers a personal crisis

In addition, Eva Gómez confessed: “My crisis, in addition to being economic, has had a lot to do with a personal crisis. To feel that I have doubts about what I do, how I do it, what I also did, where I am going, the why I could not reinvent myself“.

It has been a duel with myself, because I am a super stubborn person and I try to get things out of place (…) it has not occurred to me that I am going to set up an aesthetic center, because to do it I would have to eat the savings with which we eat“Said the Spanish based in Chile.

In the chapter premieres this friday at 10:30 p.m. by Chilevisión, and the mayor will also be present Claudia pizarro, the dancer Ivan Cabrera, the singer Dj mendez and the lawyer Helhue Dresses.

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