In the middle of the morning the heart of the ‘Gallo de la Salsa’ stopped beating

“I will always remember him as a person with great sensitivity, simple and calm. He was also very funny and as an artist he was “an A”, his songs were made for his voice color “.

One of the anecdotes he remembers most was that of a concert at the Sagrado Corazón school in Bogotá. The rector of said institution organized a family day in which he wanted the presentation of the Puerto Rican singer, although some parents did not agree because they believed that the music was not in accordance with the children.

When the day arrived, ‘El Gallo’ got on the stage and began to sing his hits, meeting a number of children who were doing the choir for him. The parents were surprised and the priest, rector of the school, confirmed with that gesture that he had made a good decision.

“It is admirable because his music is still present, reaching the new generations”, reiterates Martínez.

With the coronavirus crisis, the businessman managed to talk by phone a couple of times with the artist. In one of them Rojas told him that he was sad about the situation caused by the pandemic and that he hoped all this would end soon.

“He told me that he was sad because he couldn’t travel. He lived to sing to his audience ”. In addition, he adds, in that conversation he asked him not to forget about him because he liked to come to Colombia a lot, in fact one of his favorite seasons was the Barranquilla Carnival, where he wanted to come this year, but could not due to previously acquired commitments .

He mentions that curiously Tito presented a virtual concert for Christmas as a compensation for not being able to present himself to his audience in Latin America.

“That concert can be taken as a kind of farewell from him to his audience.”

Salsa reaction. Many musical colleagues of the “tremendous rooster” manifested themselves on social networks after hearing the news of his death.

For example, Gilberto Santa Rosa, also from Puerto Rico, was one of the first to express his sorrow for the death of his “friend.”

“I still don’t think so … My dear Gallo, we are going to miss you and remember you in every song, in every saying and in every gesture of affection and companionship that you left behind. Rest in peace dear friend Tito … ”, wrote ‘El Caballero de la Salsa’ on his Twitter account.

Willy García, another compatriot and colleague, posted a video in which Tito Rojas appears with Tito Gómez (April 9, 1948 – June 12, 2007) singing the classic Déjala.

“As in the video, the two uncles said goodbye forever. Get up on December 26 and see that another great one has left, #TitoRojas, take your house in heaven! ”García trilled.

The Puerto Rican salsa singer Tony Vega made a publication on his Instagram expressing his sadness: “What sad news we have received, the irreparable loss of our Gallo Salsero, a colleague, a friend, today we mourn his departure, but we will always carry him in our hearts”.

Maelo Ruiz was another of the salseros who joined the displays of affection towards the late ‘Gallo de la Salsa’.

“It is very painful for me to wake up with the news of your physical departure, I still cannot believe it …. A type of people, humble, with a charisma and an unparalleled energy, a scenic domain like none, a singer of the best , you were always very special to me. We are going to miss you a lot, ”said the interpreter of Te va a paler on his Instagram profile.


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