In the midst of controversy, McGee’s astonishing statement on Shaq!

JaVale McGee recently opened her heart about the damage wrought by Shaquille O’Neal’s famous column “Shaqtin A Fool”. But after the controversy, the new Suns pivot made a pretty astonishing statement about his former rival.

Shaquille O’Neal and JaVale McGee aren’t best friends in the world, everyone knows that. In fact, in a recent interview, the new Suns pivot confessed that legendary columnist Shaqtin A Fool nearly killed his league career ! It must be said that he was rarely seen as an intelligent and efficient player in this weekly streak, thus damaging his reputation.

But over time, JaVale has managed to restore his image, thanks in particular to NBA titles won with the Warriors and the Lakers, two franchises in which he had a significant role, then an Olympic title with Team USA in Tokyo, which also allowed him to beat an incredible record… Today McGee doesn’t make anyone laugh anymore, not even Shaquille O’Neal. Not very resentful, he also paid an incredible compliment to his former enemy.

In my four best players of all time I have to put Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Jordan first, I will also put Allen Iverson, for all the other little players in the league, he was a monster at only 1m83, and I’ll put Shaquille O’Neal on. He is the most dominant pivot in history.

JaVale McGee doesn’t hold a grudge… He could have put anyone in his Mount Rushmore NBA players, including his former teammates LeBron James or Kevin Durant, even Stephen Curry, but no. Very fair play, he decided to reward Shaquille O’Neal and his unrivaled domination in the league. It must be said that no other player can boast of having such violent highlights.

JaVale McGee may not carry Shaquille O’Neal in his heart, but he’s clear-headed enough to recognize his dominance in the league. A step back that impresses and deserves to be highlighted.

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