In the new video Gotham Knights showed a pumped Red Hood


Creators Gotham Knights presented a new gameplay video with Red Capshowing a pumped version of the hero.

In total, two development options were presented in the video – in the first case, the emphasis is on firearms, with which the hero gets rid of enemies from afar. Cap generally prefers barrels, unlike other Knights, although he still uses bullets that do not kill opponents.

But on the other hand, he is able to amplify the shots with the help of his abilities. And in the second case, the authors presented a hero who had skills in hand-to-hand combat. The character deals with enemies rather harshly with the help of throws and fists, and in this case, the blows themselves are strengthened by abilities.

The release of Gotham Knights is scheduled for October 25 for PS5, Xbox Series and PC – earlier the creators talked about the creation of Gotham itself.

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