In the Pays de la Loire, artistic baskets to keep the show alive

” Fence “. Imagined in full confinement, this 35-minute show mixing theater, music, song and juggling features two artists who experience a sedentary lifestyle in opposite ways. When one gets used to it, the other keeps gesticulating. This poetic and quirky duo has performed six times during the summer of 2020, in front of a small but diverse audience: in a park, a leisure center, a retirement home… “ This experience saved our summer, confides Simon Morant, actor, singer and accordionist, who continues to enrich this show ” according to the second and third waves, new confinements or vaccination ».

Adapted from baskets of vegetables to support the sector

This creation, which will be performed again in the summer of 2021, is one of the first “artistic baskets” launched in June 2020 in the Nantes conurbation, before spreading to the entire region. Inspired by baskets of vegetables supporting local agriculture, this device makes it possible to order a series of performances (5, 10 or 15) from a small team of artists, technicians and production managers. These short-term shows crossing several disciplines (circus, theater, music, dance, etc.) can be performed at a very small scale, in a variety of places (neighborhood center, medico-educational institute, foot of building, farm, etc.).

« The idea germinated from the first confinement in the minds of artists and technicians who saw their agendas empty ”, says Bruno Bonté, coordinator of the device “Open the horizon – artistic baskets” in the Pays de la Loire. They therefore called on local communities (municipalities, inter-municipal authorities, departments, regions) and the regional directorate of cultural affairs (DRAC) to finance these light creations, adapted to health constraints. “ The places that host the shows are not the biggest funders, but they provide part of it, supplemented by subsidies from the major institutions. », Details Bruno Bonté.

Link with the public

Between July and October 2020, nearly 400 artists or technicians performed 25,000 hours of paid work for a budget of around € 500,000. This year 2021, these subsidies should double while other regions are preparing to reproduce the device (Center Val de Loire, Brittany, Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur…).

« The baskets will continue because the artists can barely see the end of the tunnel, emphasizes Bruno Bonté. VS‘is really a very good way to keep the link with the public ”. Member of a circus company, Simon Morant goes to a resumption residence at the beginning of June, after more than a year of hiatus. “With this growing crisis, these artistic baskets have shown their legitimacy, he greets. The audience was so happy to see us. It feels good not to feel completely useless in this society … ».


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