In the referendum in November – SVP parliamentary group leader Thomas Aeschi wants to overturn the Covid certificate

More than half of the new corona infections can be traced back to return travelers. This has been shown by figures from the canton of Zurich, such as the “NZZ” writes.

According to the Zurich Health Directorate, the majority of the returnees who tested positive for the corona virus were in Spain or Greece on vacation. At least one case is now known in which an infected person visited a Zurich club and infected other party guests there. It is not known whether the person was vaccinated or was able to provide evidence of a test.

Contact tracing at full speed soon?

With Zurich Contact Tracing, there are now fears that there could be superspreader events in the exit again. There were already numerous superspreading events in Zurich last summer, for example at Club Flamingo. In the clubs, the risk of contracting the corona virus is greater, as there is no mask requirement and a large number of visitors are not fully vaccinated.

Is that why Spain and Greece will soon be on the risk list? The situation in this country is still unclear. In Germany, however, the government wants to classify all of Spain as a risk area soon. Currently, only individual areas are considered risk areas.

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