In the soap opera, the Bond of Love tonight: Andin is not strong enough to withstand the pain, will Aldebaran erase his grudges?

SHARE THE NEWS – Amazing acting between Amanda Manopo and Arya Saloka | will come back to accompany relaxing time at home.

Soap operas The Bond of Love RCTI will return to greet viewers Friday, November 20 2020 at 19.30 WIB tonight.

This soap opera starring the main character Arya Saloka | as Aldebaran alias Al and Amanda Manopo as Andin.

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Besides Amanda Manopo and Arya Saloka |, The Bond of Love also starring Evan Sanders as Nino, Glenca Chysara Glenca Chysara as Elsa, Mayang Yudittia as Michelle and other top stars.

The love story between Al and Andin brings the audience swaying in the whirlpool of puzzles.

Al plays the character of someone who wants revenge on Andin who is suspected of killing his brother Roy.

The only way to hurt Andin is to marry her and make her suffer.

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