“In the stage of danger” .. New health condition of Samir Ghanem

The advisor to the Egyptian President for Health Affairs, Mohamed Awad Taj El-Din, revealed new details about the health of the artist Samir Ghanem.

On Monday, Taj al-Din said, “The information that Samir has in a treatment stage needs intensive treatment and follow-up. The next period will tell the case what news, as for Dalal Abdel Aziz, it needs follow-up.”

For her part, the health file official at the Egyptian Representative Professions Syndicate, actress Nihal Anbar, revealed the developments of the health status of the couple’s artists, confirming that their situation is largely stable, and she added: “But they did not fully exceed the danger stage, after they were infected with the Corona virus about a month ago.”

On breathing machines

She confirmed that the two are still fighting the virus, are receiving the treatment protocol for Covid-19, and they still need to stay on ventilators.

In turn, the attending physician confirmed that the development of their condition cannot be predicted except through the negative results of the swabs that are expected to be performed in a timely manner, but the main problem will remain in the side effects that the virus will leave.

The statements of sources close to the artists contradicted, as some said that Samir Ghanem was finally put on a ventilator, hoping to restore him to improvement again due to the deterioration of his health, especially that he suffers from kidney problems, while Dalal is still struggling with the disease in intensive care and has already left the ventilator Because she does not need it.

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