In the Tech of… Matt Pokora

Renowned for his frenzied shows, Matt Pokora juggles with several caps: singer, but also dancer, leader of musical comedy and actor on television. Recently become a father, the artist lives in Los Angeles with his American partner, Christina Milian.

Passing through Paris this week, he took the time to discuss, like his friend Tony Parker before him, his technological habits.

A favorite device?

Beyond the basics like my phone or the iPad, I’m always trimming my beard or goat, so it’s my clipper!

I am using the BT5260 from Braun. It doesn’t have a sexy name at all, but it’s the first device I put in my luggage. I often need to trim my beard to be photographed or to go on stage.

At home in California, I have Bose speakers all over the ceiling. I do not use wireless headphones, I am rather in favor of the simple AirPods from Apple, light and perfect for the plane.

A favorite application?

I of course have basic apps like Instagram, WhatsApp and I listen to my music on Apple Music.

I am an absolute fan of food delivery applications like Deliveroo in France and Postmate in the United States, especially during the confinement where I ordered daily.

I do my shopping and my fashion watch with the high-end clothing sales app Grailed. For sneakers, I often look on StockX to equip myself with sneakers.

An essential innovation?

I will soon switch to the electric car, not only because it is good for the environment, but also because the manufacturers finally offer aesthetic models. I am looking at the SUV side, because I now have a large family and I need room in the back!

We are working with my team on an application that creates a more direct link with the fans, because social networks include a lot of “tourists” who only pass on an artist’s account without thinking of buying an album.

It lacks a platform that allows you to consume music and exclusive content. Those who come to see us in concert and listen to our music must have access to something more. This will be possible by the end of the year.

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