In the United States, Biden raises the tone in the face of health and economic emergency

While Donald Trump still refuses to cooperate with his successor’s team, Joe Biden met Monday, November 16 with CEO large companies and union leaders to tackle the country’s economic reconstruction. The Democrat, however, insisted on the need to defeat the epidemic beforehand.

Joe Biden doesn’t want to wait any longer. “More Americans risk dying” of Covid-19 if the Trump administration continues to block the transition, as the epidemic continues to gain ground in the United States, the president-elect said on Monday, urging the White House to inform his team of its vaccination plans.

For the Democrat, the issue is not only health. It is also economical, remember Bloomberg, pandemic control being the sine qua non of recovery. “We all agree that we want to get the economy back on track”, hammered Monday Joe Biden, during his first speech devoted to the economy, from his stronghold of Wilmington, Delaware. “But in order for us to get people back to work, the virus needs to be brought under control.”

However, this is very far from being the case. From New York to Seattle via Chicago, states and metropolises have reintroduced restrictions in recent days in an attempt to stop the outbreak of the epidemic in the United States, which has infected more than 11 million people and made 247,000 dead. Monday, California, model state at the start of the pandemic, “Activated the emergency brake”, by re-defining in a way “spectacular” a large part of the state, tell it Los Angeles Times.

Calls for a new plan to help the economy

Despite Donald Trump’s refusal to cooperate, Joe Biden sought to send an optimistic signal to Americans on Monday by showing them he was ready to roll up his sleeves. In particular, he spoke virtually with union officials and senior business leaders, including General Motors boss Mary Barra and IT giant Microsoft boss Satya Nadella. report it Detroit News. According to Joe Biden, all agreed on the need to support “A national strategy to fight Covid-19”, including in particular “Compulsory wearing of a mask” and “Increasing screening capacities”.

The president-elect also reiterated his main campaign goals, including the creation of millions of jobs “Well paid” and a minimum wage. He also urged Congress to vote “quickly” a new aid plan for the economy, weakened by the pandemic. “Whether we like it or not, on December 31, a number of social assistance measures provided for by the Cares law (the support plan adopted in March against the Covid-19) will bexpirer ”, underlines the editorial board of the newspaper USA Today. “Among these: the protection of tenants against evictions or even the increase in the amount and duration of unemployment benefits.” Their removal “Could have a considerable impact on the economyomie”, warn journalists.

Noémie Taylor-Rosner

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