In the US election “swing states” still open – Trump in Florida ahead

Photo: Florida, via dts

Washington (dts) – The presidential elections in the USA are gaining more and more results, but there are still no clear results from the important “swing states”. In Florida, as in the last election, there is a head-to-head race, after counting 91 percent of the votes, incumbent Donald Trump is just ahead of his challenger Joe Biden.

The already practically decided states all voted as expected, with Biden ahead of Trump with 92 to 73 electoral votes.

270 electoral votes are required to become US President. According to forecasts from various US television stations, Donald Trump will win the states of Alabama (Fox), Arkansas (Fox), Indiana (CNN, NBC), Kentucky (CNN, Fox, NBC), Mississippi (Fox), Missouri (Fox), Oklahoma (CNN) , Fox, NBC), Tennessee (CNN, Fox, NBC) and West Virginia (CNN, Fox, NBC), Joe Biden wins Connecticut (Fox, NBC), Delaware (CNN, Fox, NBC), Illinois (Fox), Maryland (CNN, Fox, NBC), Massachusetts (CNN, NBC), New Jersey (Fox, NBC), Rhode Islands (Fox), Vermont (CNN, Fox, NBC), Virginia (Fox) and District of Columbia (CNN, NBC ).

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