In the video, a Bahraini content maker reveals his income from “YouTube”… and explains ways to increase the income of “YouTubers”

Al-Marsad newspaper: Omar Farouk, the Bahraini content creator, narrated the details of the profit he gets from “YouTube”, saying that he loves adventures, travel and new challenges.

In an interview with the “Yahla” program on the “Rotana Khaleejia” channel, Farouk added that YouTube’s support is not enough, but there is additional work with professional photographers and advertisers, and they help more.

He continued, “YouTube’s income depends on views from each country, for example, a thousand views from America equals 4 dollars, and for simple-income countries such as Syria and Sudan, it can reach less than a quarter of a dollar, and some “YouTubers” reach 10 thousand dollars per month.

He continued: For me, I won 5 or 7 thousand dollars, and the team can take more than that, and the sweetness in the region is that there are many parties that support you, as well as government and private agencies and tourism agencies in countries that offer specific ideas for implementation.

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