In the video, Jassim Al-Nabhan settles the controversy over his Moroccan wife

Kuwaiti artist Jassem Al-Nabhan topped the “trend” on social media, after its pioneers circulated videos and pictures of him with his Moroccan wife and their son a few days ago.
And through his Moroccan wife’s account on “Tik Tok”, Al-Nabhan appeared in a video, during which he resolved the controversy and fallacies that were circulated about him and the woman who appeared with him by saying: “I feel resentment for the conversations about me on social media, and what was circulated! Didn’t they think that What they’re doing is wrong.” He added, “I have been married for six years, and I have a son who is four years and four months old. All the people of Kuwait and the people of art know this, and even my family knows.”
Al-Nabhan denied the accusations circulated about his Moroccan wife of bewitching him, and stated: “All those things that you accuse us of, Muslims do not believe in, and they are baseless. I offer the sacrifice at home, including the sacrifice of the child and the Aqeeqah. We have done everything.” something there.”
He admonished some of those who use the mobile device and publish anything on social media by saying: “Whoever publishes on my behalf and circulates what is said, God will hold him accountable for his action.”
His Moroccan wife appeared next to him during the video, and asked him: “I ask your permission before publishing the photos, and before scanning them. Is this correct or not?” Al-Nabhan replied: “Yes, with my consent, the filming takes place, and with my permission, the scanning takes place.”
Al-Nabhan wished that what happened would not be repeated, and asked the one who did so: “Do you accept this matter on your family? For my part, I do not accept it on your family.”
He ended his speech by saying: “May God bless you. Thank you.” At the end of the video, his Moroccan wife appeared, who said: “I hope that the message has arrived. No one can differentiate between me and my husband, Abu Talal, except God Almighty and death, because I love him and love the soil he walks on.”

Actress Hessa Al-Nabhan

His daughter, Hessa Al-Nabhan, also appeared in a video on social media, in which she expressed her dissatisfaction with the abusive comments and criticisms of her father after publishing pictures of him with his Moroccan wife. Referring to the video posted by his Moroccan wife, she commented: “What she was doing in a moment, you helped her in seconds.”
Hessa objected to her father’s abusive comments by saying: “If you are satisfied with that, then bravo to you, continue. Sharia permitted four women for a man, and my second mother, I cannot tell him not to marry, this is God’s law, but what Yahya’s mother does, and her father’s filming is an order I don’t accept it.”
She concluded her speech by saying: “Do not make Jassim Al-Nabhan content, do not publish everything that his Moroccan wife publishes.. My father is poor, he does not know that, my father cannot come out in this way. I learned from my father how to be a person with a big mind and a big heart, and understand bullying.” . Asking to pray for her father.
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