In the World Cup Qatar .. What is the fans’ favorite meal?

The World Cup is not only a football tournament, as it is an open market for large and small companies and restaurants at the same time.

Every major sporting event has the characteristic of the host country for this event, and thus the prominent signs of the country hosting the food, drink, and others on the commercial level float on the surface of the scene. However, globalization seems to dominate the food and drink market until now in the World Cup 2022, because of the brands entrenched in the minds of peoples, which catch the eye along with innovative offers and attractive advertising campaigns for adults and children of both sexes, and other than that from buying other meals that are tried as a kind of identification with the culture of The host country of the tournament, but it is not as large as the demand for the meals of the restaurants that have major international brands, especially the fast food that is the best-selling and most prevalent in major tournaments.

One of the workers from India, who works in a famous popular restaurant in Qatar, Shoman, said, “People accept hot dogs because they are faster to prepare and have a distinctive taste that adults and children almost unanimously agree on, in addition to its low price, which reaches 10 riyals per meal, equivalent to 2 dollars and 75 cents.”

He added, “Of course we were trying to sell around the stadiums and others, but we learned that FIFA only grants some companies this commercial right, but in any case, our sales volume has increased a lot despite our distance from the World Cup regions and fans of different nationalities come to us in our branches spread across Qatar, most of them They order the hot dog, and I think we would have tripled or quadrupled our hot dog sales if we had got a place close to the fan zones.”

Source: Sky News Arabia

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